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Whole House Audio

Control Music in Every Room!

Now and days most people would like to have speakers installed in every room of there house! Sounds a bit pricey doesn't it? But its not! We will put together a unique affordable Whole House Audio system that fit your budget. We offer different types of multi-room audio systems that you can choose from. There is the basic option, such as basic volume control with standard in-wall speakers with and the whole house audio receiver or the luxury sleek keypads with plenty of cool features. With a Whole House Audio set up can take complete control of what music you want to listen to and what device you choose from, such as  local radio stations, CD players, iPod players, Sirius satellite radio players, or . XM players. Our  set up makes is simple to learn and navigate the system.  

It is mostly common that multi room home audio system would be installed during new construction and wired up before the walls go up. Our company specializes retrofitted installs for homes that already built. For most exsiting homes we recommend the popular Sonos wireless audio system, which you can simply control the entire system though your iPad or iPhone where keypads are not required.

Make a party become more entertaining with a mulit room audio system. Have a unique sound in every room, make it comfortable to have a nice conversation while listening to good music! By the push of a button on the keypad, iPad or iPone you can adjust the source and volume accordingly. Or simply, push one button to activate the entire house for quality sound!

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